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Strength & Mindset

When you raise testosterone responsibly you feel great, right away.  A good cream helps you build muscle, think clearly, and stay high energy. 

5% Formula

The biggest companies developed and tested their creams 25 years ago.  Wave delivers 250% more Testosterone by volume thanks to our extra ingredients.  Learn about our formula.

Free Shipping

North American lead time is 3-5 days, to Europe is 5-8 days and Australia 6-10.  Packages are disguised for discretion and to avoid problems with customs.  You will get what you paid for.

Easy to Buy Testosterone

Each tube is 50mL and generally lasts 30 days, up to 60 depending on dosage. The FAQ has a great section about dosage.
Your purchase will be protected by your credit card company, but your statement won't mention testosterone.  We will send you a personal email confirming your order, along with a tracking number if you request it.  In a few days you'll be raising your testosterone.

Simple as that.


What does testosterone cream do?

Creams and gels help you maintain high-normal testosterone levels in a convenient, safe manner.

You can use Wave as a permanent testosterone replacement therapy, or to give yourself a temporary boost.


Wave typically delivers 5-10mg of testosterone per day.

Men with “normal” testosterone levels produce 3-10mg of testosterone per day, which keeps their blood measurements in the 300-1100 ng/dl range. They call it normal, but 300 is quite low. Many men with a low-normal 450 would flourish at high normal +900.

Men who take testosterone for bodybuilding or serious athletics generally take much larger doses, averaging +50mg per day during the high points of their cycles, with blood levels that are super-human.

To achieve “hulk” levels with Wave you would have to use an entire tube every 6 days while carefully monitoring your estrogen levels. Some competitors use Wave as a back up plan, especially during the lower parts of their cycle, but most prefer injectable testosterone.

Androgel users typically absorb 4-9mg per day, and 7mg is a classic dose of injectable TRT. (Keep in mind that only 70% of injectable testosterone is absorbed, so 100mg per week is only 7mg per day.)

How do I use testosterone cream?

Wave is actually a testosterone gel rather than a cream. That makes it more powerful.

You should spread your dose over both shoulders or upper arms and let it dry. Avoid too much rubbing, which can damage the molecule.

To increase absorption, it helps to soften the skin by taking a shower and using a moisturizer a few minutes before applying the cream. A few minutes after the gel is dry, you can go back again with another moisturizer and rub it in a bit more aggressively.

For at least two hours, the testosterone can rub off on people who contact your shoulders, so avoid contact with women and children, or gym equipment. Be sure to wash your hands after using Wave Cream.

The testosterone won’t hit you all at once. It slowly works its way through your skin even after the first two hours, but after that period there is no problem with showering or sweating. It will not decrease the dosage. If you do shower or swim right after application you will decrease your dosage up to 33%, so consider re-applying a bit extra.

Best practice is to apply the cream every morning, when testosterone levels are highest. Some people prefer to spread it out, taking half their dose in the afternoon. Unless you’re taking two showers a day and really like moisturizing your shoulders, this isn’t the most efficient method. But especially at higher doses it may be worth the experiment.

How much should I use?

Most men use one tube of Wave per month, which is 1.67 mL of cream and 8.5-10mg of testosterone delivered per day.

If you use 1 mL per day, you will absorb 5 to 6mg per day, depending on how soft your skin is. This is similar to the starting dose of Androgel, which is 4-5mg per day. 

1.67mL is almost exactly 1/3 of a teaspoon. It helps to buy a $0.95 measuring cup and use it for the first week. From there you can eyeball it. Your testosterone levels fluctuate naturally, so if you have 1.55mL one day and 1.75mL the next, it’s not a big deal.

Are injections better?

Testosterone creams and gels have pros and cons and so do injections.

You can order Wave in just five minutes and it will arrive in a few days.  You can use it immediately and you get a great dose for $60 a month, or even $30 if you’re happy with just 4mg per day.

You can carry a testosterone cream with you wherever you go, any you don’t need to visit a doctor’s office every two to six weeks.  Most clinics charge you just to walk in the door.  With a cream, you don’t need to teach yourself how to “brew” testosterone and prepare sterile needles for self-injections. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for serious anabolic gains, creams are inefficient.  If you’re looking to get 50mg of testosterone per day, it will be cheaper and cleaner to inject.

A testosterone cream is a practical way to feel like a normal, healthy guy.  With extra muscle and energy you might end up looking like a fitness model, and you should have improved mood and sex drive.  But a testosterone cream is not the best way to become late career Barry Bonds.

Injections aren’t always extreme.  Dialing it back, you can get the exact same dose as you would get with Wave. At that point it’s just a question of preference.  Some guys hate needles, some guys can’t remember to use a cream every day.  Sometimes injections cost $200 a month, sometimes insurance covers it. . .  It’s a never ending debate.

How fast does testosterone cream work?

Your mood is usually the first thing that improves. When your testosterone levels are in the high-normal range you have a “can-do” attitude and generally feel more calm. You sleep better and have more confidence.

Erectile dysfunction often sorts itself out in a few months, and increased muscle mass is noticeable in a similar time frame, though it won’t be body-building type amounts.

A lot depends on where you are starting, and the dose you use. The 1mL starting dose the recommend is quite conservative.

If your levels are truly low, a healthy dose of Wave will be a huge improvement right away. If you were only moderately low in the first place, the changes will be more subtle.

And low testosterone may not be the only thing holding you back. If you aren’t gaining muscle, it may be that your training program isn’t solid, or your diet is weak, or you have another hormonal imbalance. The same things hold true for libido, mood, energy and focus.

Side effects and other questions?

The biggest red flag is prostate cancer. Your prostate is very sensitive to testosterone, and increasing your testosterone levels is usually a benefit. But if you have prostate cancer, increasing testosterone is like throwing fuel on the fire. Be careful and get exams.

Testosterone can also be an issue if you have certain heart conditions, or high blood pressure.

Increased estrogen levels is another possible side effect. It is rare in the 6-10mg dose range, but if you experience tender nipples or mood swings it is a sign that you should cut back and get a blood test.

Blood tests are always a good idea, especially if you worry about side effects or are concerned that your improved mood is “just placebo.”

We want to emphasize again that testosterone is harmful to women and children, so be careful about who has access to your cream, and about allowing contact with your shoulders especially two hours after application.

It’s important to realize that your body will develop a dependency on external testosterone if you use it month after month.

If you’re getting older, TRT is generally the only way to experience high-normal Testosterone and feel younger. Most men are happy to experience 800ng/dl artificially rather than the 200 they might achieve naturally. But especially if you are a young man, be aware that Wave shouldn’t be your first choice.

Wave and Androgel don’t have identical formulas (Wave is stronger), but for most purposes they are very similar. The androgel website is especially thorough in discussing side effects and contra-indications, and we recommend a visit if you are concerned about side effects.

For other questions, you can send us a message or enter your question into google replacing “Wave” with “Androgel.” For instance, “Can I refrigerate AndroGel” or “can I use Androgel on my testicles.”



Tim from Colorado

I've been with "Wave" a long time, pretty much the beginning. Back then they didn't take PayPal. You had to know somebody who knew somebody. I'm glad business is picking up for them. Anyway it's a great product, works as advertised. Took me from 325 where I was struggling all the way to 650 today. It has bee a huge change in my life. I'm getting up there and I sort of felt like life was winding down. Now I'm back on the trail, doing things I thought I'd given up in my forties. Best of luck Frank, I'll be here as long as you are!

Phil from Dallas

Sure Frank, I've been using 2mL daily ever since my second tube. I eyeball it. It's part of my morning ritual nowadays. Shower, Wave, moisturizer while I check email, get dressed and so on. And yes I wash my hands! As far as changes I've experienced I guess it's all been subtle. I broke through a plateau at the gym but maybe just because I've had the energy to go regularly. Actually regular and not just telling myself it's regular. I drink less coffee, sleep better. I've been keeping my girlfriend a little extra happy and she jokes with me about my magic tube. Definitely sure to wash that area, I don't want her growing any extra limbs or facial hair. So that's about it for me. Two thumbs up!

Luther from California

I've been using Androgel for a couple years and actually my insurance pays for most of it, but Frank gave me a discount so I could compare. I would say that they did a pretty good job over there in Amsterdam. Definitely goes on smooth and seems to absorb since blood work has continued as normal. It's nice to use less than with my androgel and thanks to the advice they gave I'm now using a moisturizer as well. I have yet to decide whether or not to reorder or just continue with my androgel since i'm lucky and can't complain about the price. But I do owe you a testimonial so here you are I hope this works. By the way my dose is about 1.5ml as we discussed. 

Brian from Minnesota

I'm a skeptical guy and I remember going back and forth when it came to pulling the trigger or not. My thought process was sort of like what if this is just hand lotion or something. How do I even know they're really selling testosterone or not. But I took the chance and I'm glad. My blood is definitely in a healthy range and I feel more clarity and energy. I lots a bit of weight too I'm pretty sure. I'll give you the numbers later. All in all I can recommend this excellent product and  think everyone should GO FOR IT!

Muzz from Brisbane

First of all I have to say good job getting through to Oz, and faster than I expected! Great work there. For the rest of it I can't complain. I had a good chuckle about the packaging, thought you were taking the piss but it's a great disguise to be fair. Changes since I started? You could call it an all around "glow". Feels like women check me out more and maybe I get more respect from men? Comes down to confidence, posture and eye contact I reckon but theres been a noticable improvement in my attitude. The actual levels I honestly haven't had a test in ages but they must be great. I basically follow the protocol you recommend and use about 1 tube a month. You might be able to answer that better than me. Anyway cheers and you'll hear from me again in a couple months!