We market Wave as a testosterone cream, but it would be more accurate to call it a gel. Gels are more powerful than creams, but Wave Cream has a better ring than Wave Gel.

The Wave formula is based on AndroGel, but we’ve added extra ingredients to improve absorption:

Oleic Acid is found in avocados and olive oil, but as an acid it helps the testosterone penetrate your skin and get to work.

Isopropyl Myristate has a similar role, and is just as safe even if it’s not edible. Many testosterone cream formulas rely exclusively on alcohol to penetrate the skin. Wave has four total penetration enhancers to maximize absorption.

Absorption is crucial. Using Wave after a shower along with a moisturizer, one 50 mL tube can last 30-50 days and maintain levels just as high as doctor-prescribed injections.

Creams and gels have a few advantages over injections. The most obvious is convenience. No need to report every 10-14 days to the doctor’s office for an expensive injection, or to carry sterile needles everywhere you travel.

And buying a cream from this website is much safer and cleaner than buying injectable testosterone on the black market, assuming you don’t have a prescription.

Here’s the full list of our ingredients: